Great Travel Themed Movies To Inspire Your Next Trip

Movies can inspire many actions and desires, and travel is certainly one of these things.  Which movies can a person watch to get that inspiration though?  Here are a few picks that may make you want to pack your bags and hit the road for your own adventure.

The Darjeeling Limited


This Wes Anderson film finds three brothers, all of whom have their own issues with depression, on a trip through India.  Throughout the course of the film, the brothers become closer, as they journey through the country largely by train.  There are amazing shots of the Indian countryside throughout the film, and the film is shot in Anderson’s usual colorful style.  This is one of those movies that may just inspire you to travel in another country by rail!

Midnight in Paris

midnight in paris movies

At the risk of being a little Owen Wilson heavy, Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris plays both on the excitement of travel and the history and nostalgia of a place.  The film expertly weaves fantasy and reality in such a convincing fashion that events seem to flow naturally even though time-travel is involved.  The excellent characterizations of the “Lost Generation” alumni help the viewer see Paris through the eyes of the famous artists who loved the city during the interwar period, and inspire a new generation of people to travel to the famed City of Light.

Lawrence of Arabia

larence of arabia movies

While hardly a travel film, this nearly four hour epic is still the gold standard in terms of film making and cinematography.  If the breathtaking long shots of the desert geography do not captivate you, then perhaps the incredible performances of both Peter O’Toole and Omar Sharif will.  Very few movies can maintain audience interest at such a long run time, but Lawrence of Arabia is one of the few that makes the viewer actually forget the length completely.

Into the Wild

into the wild movies

Into the Wild is another film based on true events, but unfortunately the story ends tragically, which is a departure from the other films on this list.  That said, the film still captures the youthful exuberance of its protagonist, Chris McCandless, as he explores the country while shunning his former material possessions.  The film is a cautionary tale about unpreparedness, but it also serves to show that travel, when done correctly, is an incredibly rewarding experience.

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