Want To Take On The Eiger Like JT Holmes?

What do you think of when you think of Switzerland?  Perhaps it’s the ornate cuckoo clock, fantastic wristwatches, or delicious chocolate.

*sigh* It's this, isn't it?

*sigh* It’s this, isn’t it?

Those things are actually called alphorns, and they get their name from the Alps.  Switzerland is famous for its mountains, which have attracted skiers and extreme sports enthusiasts for centuries.  One of the most alluring peaks in the Swiss Alps belongs to the Eiger.  While some have said that the mountain’s name is derived from Ogre, which is the same in German, no one is actually sure if this is how the mountain got its name.

eiger jt holmes

“Way to make me feel self-conscious, German speakers.”

The mountain has inspired many mountain climbers to take it on, especially its steep north face, which has led to many climbing accidents and deaths in the last century.  JT Holmes, in an effort to find an even more creative use of a parachute, decided that he wanted to ski this mountain in particular, despite it looking like the business end of a cheese grater.


“Say Swiss Cheese JT! On a related note, good luck on the Eiger!”

Despite the danger clearly associated with skiing down a mountain like the Eiger, JT Holmes realized that his skill in combining base jumping with skiing would allow him to ski down the part of the mountain that would accommodate skis, and the parachute would allow him to float down the rest of the way.


Wonder where he got that idea?

Despite the terrifying possibility of failure, Holmes was lucky to pull off his stunt on one of the clearest days that the mountain has seen in months. Armed with enough cameras to give the paparazzi pause, JT Holmes was able to execute his goal perfectly!

jt holmes cooper

Besides, Anderson Cooper is not easily impressed by much.

So, want to try your hand at taking on the Eiger?  First, you would need to travel to the Bernese Alps in Switzerland.  Then, you would have to overcome your fear.

"Changed my mind, I think I'll stay in this ski lodge!"

“Changed my mind, I think I’ll stay in this ski lodge!”


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