Privacy Policy

We know that you desire the best travel experience and at GoPuffin we strive to make that possible. As such, we value your full and complete comfort and confidence when you visit or utilize our Website (website refers to both the services provided and the website that this policy is featured on). Furthermore, we understand that you may have some significant questions for us about what information we gather when you utilize our Website, why we gather that information, and how we may potentially use and disclose that information to other entities. By utilizing our Website, you indicate to us that you agree to us gathering, using, and disclosing your information, as described in this Privacy Policy, which serves to answer any potential questions that you may have.

Types of Information Collected

There are various types of information that may be collected from you when using the Website. The following are the types of information that you can expect to be collected by your use of the Website:

  1. Information Input by the User
    When you access the Website, and particularly by engaging and utilizing the Website in ordinary ways like entering a search, you may potentially be obliged to give certain forms of information. In the ordinary course of searching for flights you will be required to enter destination, travel dates, the city you are flying out of, etc. This information may be collected by GoPuffin.
  2. Information Collected Automatically
    When using the Website, you can expect collection of your IP address, records of the pages that you have viewed on the Website, the searches on the Website you have run, your geophysically location, etc. We use this information to predict trends and create a better service for our users.
  3. Cookies
    We will collect information from cookies. When using the website, we may send cookies to your computer, tablet, cell phone, or other device. Cookies include session and persistent cookies; session cookies being ones that are removed when you close your browse, and persistent cookies being ones that will remain until you actually remove them. We are not responsible for your cookies settings; the responsibility to change them remains with you. Cookies may be used to store, collect, and track pertinent information.
  4. Communications
      In the course of ordinary communication with us, we will collect your email address and any other contents of your communication.

Analytics and Other Information Collection

GoPuffin will use Google Analytics data collection, which you may choose to opt out of. We shall not provide personal information to any other third-parties without your express consent.

Disclosure of Information to Others

GoPuffin reserves the right to disclose any and all relevant information in the unlikely event that it is either required by law or in a good faith belief that the disclosure is necessary. Disclosure can be compelled in the following cases:

  1. Protection of GoPuffin, the public, and others from abuse, fraud, unlawful activities, or anything else substantially considered adverse to GoPuffin and/or other parties. This also extends to cases of personal and/or public safety.
  2. In the event of a legal obligation to disclose information, such as a subpoena, or any other legally compelled circumstance, GoPuffin reserves the right to disclose your information. This also extends to GoPuffin’s ability to investigate legal threats and claims, and GoPuffin’s right to defend its rights and its property.

Your cookies and anonymous information that has been collected automatically is also subject to disclosure to other third-parties for a variety of purposes. This information may be used by GoPuffin, and third-parties to interpret viewing, usage, demographic patterns, Website usage, and can also be used to target advertisements and assist in booking travel on both GoPuffin and linked third-party services.

Usage of Collected Information by GoPuffin

GoPuffin will use the information gathered to aid in the development, operation, maintenance, enhancement, and provision of the Website. It may also assist in the development of new products and services, and to allow us to customize and target content that may be more intriguing, relevant, or usable to you, including advertisements, and for other purposes that are administrative in nature.

Links to Other Travel Websites

The GoPuffin Website includes links to other third-party travel websites to book your travel. In following the links to these other third-party services, you must realize and understand that GoPuffin’s Privacy Policy shall no longer apply, and that instead, the third-party's established privacy practices may substantially, if not completely differ from those established by GoPuffin in this privacy policy.

Responsibility of the User

Naturally, you may refuse to share your information with GoPuffin, in which case GoPuffin will likely be unable to provide you with full functionality of the Website.

Updates to this Policy

Upon updating this policy, the date will be reflected at the bottom. Please review the Privacy Policy periodically and decide if you still assent to it. Continued use of the Website firmly indicates that you agree to this Privacy Policy in its most current form.

Updated: May 31, 2016